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Please View This Page on a Wide Gamut, Color Accurate Monitor. The Images Are Captured in the Full AdobeRGB color-space.

Viewing in a sub-par monitor would result in duller than real Images




My very first Successful* Attempt on a Canvas Board

Prior to which I only used cartridge papers. Sadly my whole Cartridge portfolio was misplaced :( in the process of shifting Residence. This page would have had at-least 20 more Artworks Some of which were Breathtaking!

Brush Painting and a various knives



The Age Old Wise Tree is aware,
Very soon it shall be engulfed in flames
But he silently waits
Thinking of all the things, the Beauty in the moments he spent wishing he could go back to them just to leave behind more love than he had already left.
Breathe... Breathe...


Finger Painting, Brush work and a Thin knife




Well, this one is just a little rooster!

Various knives, Finger, Brush and Solvents


A Medieval Town set in an imaginary European Nation 1800's


Palette Knife, Brush

Not all Ideas are derived solely from my personal imagination but I claim the reproduction of those ideas on canvas for all the above works,
The works bellow this paragraph are 100% my ideas and reproduction

This is a major shift in my style, instead of focusing on artistically beautiful and complex works I now focus more on the idea behind the works and keep the works relatively minimalist and open to various forms of interpretation.

Newer Works

More work to be done on this piece.

Whats left is a set of eyes coming out from the background. This Painting symbolizes The balance between the lighter and the darker Elements with a mix of perfectionism and flaws.

In Progress...


Finger Painting

I will not describe this Piece at all.


Finger Painting, Brushwork

The rainbow man seeks monotone brightness engulfing the darkness he must before he reaches it only to loose himself for in the light he shone before gave him the colors to adore himself
I will not describe this Piece any further



The Only Two Sources of...
I will not describe this Piece any further.



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